"OVERWATCH is an approved representative of SKB in Kuwait."


In 1977, two ambitious college students developed the first SKB case in a small Anaheim, California garage. Today, the still family-owned business is known around the world as leading innovator and manufacturer of the finest cases for all manner of protection.

In 2016, SKB Cases MEA was established with the aim of supplying the Middle East and Africa with the same superiors quality of both products and services.

From the base in Dubai, SKB cases MEA has a finely tuned infrastructure to service all equipment protection requirements, whether this is from our new localised stocks (over 3000 cases held), or facilitating high volume orders or bespoke case builds from the USA facility, over many sectors.

We can therefore easily manufacture intricate foaming solutions supported by localised material, machines, scanning technology and material integrations, both for low volume and high, thus reducing lead times, prices-all to the highest industry standards..... We are here to support with the best quantity solutions on the market!

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